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HI, I am Afshin Nasseri, MD.

Dr. Nasseri has dedicated most of his adult life to Internal Medicine. He spent 20 years as the sole physician in his large primary care practice, focusing on a variety of patient issues such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, thyroid disorders, men’s health, diabetes, arthritis, and mental health issues encompassing anxiety, depression, and stress management. He also created primary care facilities at two different hospitals lacking primary care infrastructure and was responsible for establishing standards of management and practice for the facilities. Dr. Nasseri also assisted in ICU and CCU infrastructure development for one of these facilities, by establishing protocols for care in a high-growth environment.

Over his extensive professional career and experience, he came to the realization that there must be a better way to improve patient compliance, lifestyle, and behaviors, and became a certified Health Coach and Life Coach in order to improve the lives of his patients.

Early in his medical career, he was recognized as an accredited teacher to Brown and Boston University medical students and interns. Dr. Nasseri is an active leader at GRACECares, Inc. a nonprofit organization aimed at community development through mindful empowerment and works with the Lucknow Project and a variety of local organizations to provide free healthcare and medicines to rural villages in Uttar Pradesh, India.

He is an accomplished member of the American College of Physicians, the Harvard Institute of Coaching, the American Society of Laser Medicine, the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA), the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) at Brown University, and is certified by both the Fowler Institute of Coaching and the Beck Institute in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

He is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Farsi (Persian). He has lived and worked professionally in a variety of countries and has rich cultural background and understanding which allows him to connect with clients and patients from across the world.

Why I Became a Coach

The growing demands on physicians and patients in the healthcare industry has taken a toll on the traditional physician-patient relationship. Doctors are questioned regarding their diagnoses by patients who are part of the “WebMD” phenomenon. The influence of the “overnight physician” has led to dysfunction in a field which requires several years of education and training. Furthermore, private insurance companies have also contributed to this situation, by constantly questioning prescription and treatment plans if they are not beneficial to the company.

Consequently, physicians are retiring early or redirecting their talents to other non-clinical professions, and patients are now struggling to find primary care physicians, and specialists for their care. Consumerism has spilled into healthcare, and has strained the physician-patient relationship, and both parties are facing “healthcare burnout.” On a global level, rates of anxiety and depression continue to increase at an alarming rate. Having been through a long career as a physician, I have pursued coaching as I hope that sharing the journey of Mindfulness and self-realization can help others redirect their focus and make mindful decisions to enjoy the gift of life.